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Vietnam urgent/rush visa at weekend or working days

What would you do when you go to airport and suddenly find out you have no visa in hand and your airlines staff won't let you board your flight?

Simply, we called it emergency visa as you have definitely send urgent email to or call us +84 912685141 to settle the issue the Approval Letter and the most important thing you should be able to be online as we will send you the Approval Letter right away to enable you to board the flight into Vietnam.

Vietnam emergency visa can be arranged in 8 hours, 4 hours or even 2 hours, in business day or weekend.

Cost will vary on the level of emergency/ weekend period of time (Saturday morning/afternoon, Sunday morning/afternoon) but it is somewhere from US$130 to US$150 per person. The urgent visa on working days costs about US$30 - US$75, depend on time processing (8 hours, 4 hours or 2 hours)

We normally do not want you, as our customer, to spend so much money to this. We would suggest you delay your flight then you will have time to do normal visa into Vietnam.

In the case where you are in business and/or cannot delay the arrival then we will be happy to help.

Please call us above or email us, we are 24 hour online so this might be useful.

More on normal Vietnam visa...

Basically, you must have a valid Vietnam visa except you are the citizenship of visa exempted countries.

The most convenient and, we can say, easiest way is to do Vietnam visa on arrival (more about Vietnam visa on arrival) ie we send you Approval Letter, you hold it to board your incoming flight and you pay visa stamp fee locally to the Immigration - the stamp fee will depend on what type of visa you would like to have.

This will save your time sending request to Embassies and wait probably long time while the price is certainly more expensive.



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Why book with us:

  • Full services
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  • No photo required
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  • Time and money savings
  • Free consulate
  • Low cost guarantee
  • No embassy chase down

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