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The validity of Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

What is Vietnam visa approval letter? It is an official document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department for the purpose of permitting the document holders to enter Vietnam, get the visa stamped onto your passport, and stay in Vietnam within the time cited on it.

Despite the fact that you may have heard some foreigners complain about several nations’ visa approval letter, Vietnam’s is completely reliable. Since Vietnam is now open and welcome almost all international visitors, those who enter Vietnam with Visa Approval Letter can totally trust in its validity. Whenever you go, once you show your:

- Visa approval letter
- Passport
- 2 photos (2x2in)

to first: your airlines, and second: the Vietnam Immigration Check-in, you will right away get your visa stamped onto your passport.

Yet, please remember: the prerequisite for the permission to check in is that all the information sited in the approval letter MUST be exactly the same as in your passport, the passport itself must be valid for 6 months, and the photos accompanied must be valid within six months and look mostly like you.



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