Budget tips: How to apply for a rush Vietnam visa in low cost?

Rush Vietnam visa will make you spending more money than normal one. Here below are some tips to save the cost when applying for a rush visa to Vietnam.

As you know, a normal visa on arrival processed in 2 working days costs 10 - 15 USD per visa only. However, due to some reasons, you couldn't get your visa approval letter on time that you are not allowed to board the flight then you might need a rush visa service provided by www.vietnamvisabooking.com.

Here below some tips that help you saving money when applying a rush visa to Vietnam.

1. Check your flight time and Vietnam local time.

Rush visa processing fee will be increasing whilst the processing time shorten. The more urgent request is given, the more money you have to pay. That why, you should check your flight time and Vietnam local time to make sure that you don't have to pay more money for wasted time. There are some options for rush visa you can make a choice: to process a visa in 8 hours, in 4 hours or in 1-2 hours and the visa expedited in 8 hours will be the most budget.

2. on't apply for Vietnam visa at weekend, holidays or non-working time

Vietnam visa application at weekend, holidays or non-working time is likely 10 times to normal processing one. You are strongly recommended to apply for a visa 7 - 10 days before your leaving date to avoid of applying visa in the public holidays, at weekend or non-working time. Vietnamese public holidays annual includes New Year (1 January), Lunar New Year - Tet holiday (late January - mid February), Hung King Festival (early April), Reunification Day - Labour Day (April 30th - May 1st) and Independence Day (September 2). Besides, on Saturday, Sunday and non-working time visa on arrival application is not suggested. However, if you have urgent business in Vietnam or you couldn't change the flight, we are willing to help arranging a visa approval letter in just a few hours.

3. Apply for a visa in a group

The more people apply for visa in an application, the more discounted money you will get.

4. Find a right professional visa agency

There are not many visa agency in Vietnam could expedite such an emergency visa approval letter or it will take long time to get it done. You should find out a reliable visa agency who can give you a guarantee to provide the letter timely and vietnamvisabooking.com is such an agency.

5. Change your schedule

We don't want you, our valued customers, to spend much money on rush Vietnam visa. Therefore, if there is any chance to delay your flight or change the schedule, you should do it then you will have time to do normal visa into Vietnam.


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